Our Mission:

Our Mission, to revolutionize the standard of service Canadians receive when traveling for religious tours. We are striving to change the “Mom and Pop” culture and offer real unadulterated Elite Travel. Our Purpose is “To uncover the religious and secular world for those who want to see its hidden treasures.” For people in our company this means opening up their world by helping them develop professionally and personally, and for customers, to open up their world through the exciting medium of well-organized and targeted niche travel experiences.

About Us

Our People

Our company is our people. We care for our health and well-being, our personal and professional development and our financial security. We believe that each individual has the opportunity to own part of their success. In our company, we believe that every individual should have equal privileges. Promotion from within will always be our first choice. We believe that work should be challenging and fun for everyone. Within our company, there is no “them and us”. We are all going forward together.

We believe our people have the right to belong to a Team that provides an exciting “Brilliance of Future”. Our people need to see a clear pathway to achieving their hopes, aspirations, and dreams. Via Travel is the vehicle for this journey and strives to be an Employer of choice.

Corporate Governance

Via Travel’s approach to corporate governance as an incorporated company reflects the same central theme that underlies our approach to maintaining the integrity of our industry. Our corporate governance statement is based on the following principles:

  • Lay solid foundations for management and oversight
  • Promote ethical and responsible decision-making
  • Safeguard integrity in financial reporting
  • Recognize and manage risk Encourage enhanced performance
  • Remunerate fairly and responsibly
World Class Business Improvement

Via Travel works proactively on mutually beneficial business partnerships by supporting organizations that have similar philosophical and financial goals and values. Over the past 34 years these partnerships have provided the interaction and collaboration needed in making Via Travel a leader in the travel industry.

Foremost in our minds is not the product provider, but how their product ultimately assures the satisfaction of our clients and supports our people and our business objectives.

The Customer is Paramount

We recognize our customers, inside and outside the company, always have a choice. By understanding and exceeding their expectations we will experience ongoing customer loyalty. We believe in applying our company values and philosophies at an operational level to ensure that all customer and company dealings are done with honesty and integrity.

Our Peace Message

There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.

We believe that all God believing people have more similarities than differences. In matter of fact: Christianity and Islam believe in one God, both believe in Religions, Prophets, Modesty, Codes of health, Hell and Paradise, Judgment Day, Satan, Commandments, Equality, and much more and despite of that, we have never seen a Religious tours company serving both faith.

Via Travel has served the Muslim community for so long, and luckily after working closely to one of the Canadian Minister, we are glad to announce that we are ready to serve the Christian community as well. We understand that we may be criticized by those closed minded and extremist of both religions. But peace is the path we chose, and each one of us must do their part by offering what they are good at it. Religious Tours are something we are good at, and we are proud to serve open minded people of both faiths.