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Our Mission, to revolutionize the standard of service Canadians receive when traveling for religious tours. Our Purpose is “To uncover the religious and secular world for those who want to see its hidden treasures.” For people in our company this means opening up their world by helping them develop professionally and personally, and for customers, to open up their world through the exciting medium of well-organized and targeted niche travel experiences.

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Our Message of Peace

We believe that all God believing people have more similarities than differences. In matter of fact: Christianity and Islam believe in one God, both believe in Religions, Prophets, Modesty, Codes of health, and much more and despite of that, we have never seen a Religious tours company serving both faith.

To find peace, each one of us must do their part by offering what they are good at. Religious Tours are something we are good at, and we are proud to be able to serve open minded people of both faiths.

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